Our products are the base for stimulating new ideas in the area of design.
Rigorously MADE IN ITALY.

The integration of a “Light Source” with a “decorative panel” is an art …

What is the meaning of integration?

The ability to join a light source and decorative plates specific for “Design interiors”, is achieved by the use of solid, resistant, thin, load-bearing, flexible and adaptable panels, through a patented system of screws and bearing pins, that leaves no sense of shadow cones, and whose function is to assemble the product and make it structurally compact, easy to handle, safe and ready for installation.

Apuomarg, thanks to its “patents” and “know-how”, is the undisputed leader in this new field and can produce mock-up’s, realizations, prototypes and provide quality support and innovation customized for industry insiders.

Then there is a particular focus and continuous development in everything related to the difficult world of certifications and guarantees, from which many flee.

Compared to LED light systems currently on the market, our systems are qualitatively superior, easy to use and allow for specific integration for each type of decorative plate according to: the materials used to back light, the project and to final rendering and production.

From warm light to cold light through to RGB LEDs we use controller cards of maximum quality and when necessary in conjunction with the use of intensity or “dimmer ” systems thus allowing the connection with the most modern home automation systems.

We are also the only company which has patents with which we can add a completely customizable picture, using different types of decorative panels. Particularly marble, stone, glass and wood, such that when the light is OFF the intrinsic characteristics of the natural materials appears exactly as is in the natural state, while when the material is illuminated the image and or the graphics are “prepared to perfection” and appear in all its mystery and beauty.

The integrated systems are thus extremely advantageous.

Normally this type of furniture or finish reserves unexpected surprises in terms of actual implementation of each project, as with the systems currently on the market one cannot predict all the steps and assess cost and feasibility thus impairing the reliability of estimates.
Apuomarg on the other hand, builds a finished panel, solid, ready to be installed, inspected, guaranteed and always provides a consistent and meaningful evaluation of the final costs.